OneDrive Installation and Training for VCSU MacBooks

Microsoft OneDrive and Office 365 makes it easier to manage your work files, share them and work collaboratively with others from a variety of devices. You can easily create and save files while in Microsoft Office or access those same files from a favorite browser or mobile device. You are also able to upload non-office files using the OneDrive client just by storing them in your OneDrive folder.

For purposes of this training you are required to download the latest Microsoft OneDrive App available through the VCSU Self Service App.

  1. Open the Finder> Applications. Search, and open, the VCSU Self Service app.
  2. Under the Browse menu on the left hand side, Go to Microsoft Office.
  3. Find the OneDrive icon and click Install. Follow the defaults to download and install the program. The app is located in the Applications folder once it is finished installing. 
  4. When you launch OneDrive App the first time you are prompted to login. Enter your user name and password. NOTE: Your user name is: Password is the same as Campus Connection.
  5. Final step is to choose your OneDrive folder location. It is totally up to you where you place the folder. We recommend choosing your home folder.
  6. Verify your OneDrive Folder location and click Next. Remember you have to select this folder or subfolder each time you want to save something to it from an application. Microsoft Office will automatically save to your OneDrive folder as long as you are signed in.
  7. You will next be prompted to decide whether to sync all folders and files on your OneDrive site to your local computer. You are limited by the size of your computer’s hard drive as to what can be synced locally. You currently have 1 Terabyte of data storage on your Office365 OneDrive Site.  Your VCSU computer’s hard drive is approximately 256 GB to 512 GB in size depending on computer model so you have to be careful not to fill it up with synced files. Keep in mind you have access to all your Office365 OneDrive files from multiple devices using a web browser. 
  8. To finish client setup, choose whether you want OneDrive to start at login and click open OneDrive to start seeing your OneDrive folder in Finder.  If you do not choose start at login, keep in mind that files placed in that folder on your computer or files saved to your Office365 OneDrive site via a web browser will not be synced until the OneDrive app is started.  An internet connection is required to sync files using the client.
  9. IMPORTANT! Keep in mind that when the OneDrive client is actively syncing files and folders, any accidental deletion of files or folders within OneDrive folder on your computer will automatically sync deletion of files on the Office365 OneDrive site. The same works in reverse if using a web browser to access your files. There is a recycle bin folder on both your computer and the Office365 OneDrive site where deleted items can be retrieved but only for a certain time.
  10. By selecting the OneDrive icon from top right you can access preferences, change sync options, view usage statistics, see sync errors, etc.
  11. If you have any files with incompatible characters or other errors you may see a Red X on the OneDrive client icon under notifications in top right of screen.  To see details of error, click on OneDrive icon and select View Details. To change name or remove the invalid character, click on search icon to right of file name to reveal file in Finder. You can then rename the file or remove the file if it is causing issues. Sometimes moving the file to another location, allowing client to sync, and then copying file back again will solve some problems.

The following table describes what can be done using the OneDrive client vs OneDrive web access.


Work Offline- No Internet Drag & Drop Files Drag & Drop Folders Access From any device with browser Allows Sharing of Files & Folders Open Files Save to using Microsoft Office Save to using other applications
OneDrive Client X X X

OneDrive Web Access

For additional information about OneDrive please go to the following site: 

Also see the file named “OneDrive Sync Restrictions.docx” found under the “VCSU O365” support Group.

For help setting up or using the OneDrive app/client please contact the VCSU Technology Service Desk at 701-845-7340 or email