If you want to copy an entire course Content Area (menu item) (for example, "Assignments"), here is how to do that:

  1. In the course you want to copy from, go to Control Panel, expand Packages and Utilities, select Course Copy.
  2. In step 1, select "Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course.
  3. In step 2, you have to enter the course ID of the course you want to copy to. You can either type it in if you know it, or browse for it.
  4. Also in step 2 you need to click the checkbox next to whichever menu item you want to copy. If you copy an item that has the same name as an item in the other course, it's a good idea to rename it in the other course just to avoid confusion.
  5. In Step 3, make sure the middle item is selected - Copy links and copies of the content.
  6. Skip step 4 because that's just if you want to copy the enrollments to the other course.
  7. Click Submit and that should be it. It should tell you if it is successful, or it might tell you it will send you an email when it's done.