Q: How will a laptop computer contribute to my education at VCSU?

A: You can use it for word processing, communicating with faculty and other students, finding information from libraries and other sources throughout the world, developing class presentations, generating spreadsheets and databases, electronic storage of your best work in college to show when seeking employment, and many disciplines have specific applications. With this experience, you will be better prepared for any career where computers are used.

Q: How will I use my laptop computer for class assignments?

A: You can use it to post messages to your professors, receive updates or assistance from professors, receive lecture notes or assignments, take notes in class, send questions or comments to professor or other class members, use the Internet for research, and turn in completed assignments. Some classes also use instructional software to accompany textbooks and some professors have replaced textbooks with Internet resources.

Q: What advantages do laptop computers have over conventional computer laboratories?

A: No matter where you are, you have 24-hour access to libraries, databases, communication systems, job announcements, and organizations. You will be using the latest in computer hardware, software, online information and communication systems. Because laptop computers can be applied to all disciplines, faculty and students will no longer be restrained by the availability of laboratories. You will become more proficient with computer technology as you use and customize it to meet your individual needs.

Q: Will there be computer training for new students?

A: There will be a short care-and-use orientation before the computer is issued to you. The Introduction to Computer Information Systems course is customized for laptop computers and network services available. Incoming freshmen are encouraged to take this course. Special short courses and workshops will also be offered.

Q: What if I have problems or questions about the laptop computer?

A: A Technology Service Desk staffed by resource personnel will assist you. The Technology Service Desk will provide assistance with minor repairs and service, exchange computers in need of long-term repair, and issue computers to part-time students.

Q: Will financial aid be available to help pay the student technology fee?

A: Since the fee is paid by all students and the laptop computer is essential to the educational process, the fee is included in the student's financial aid analysis. This results in an increase in eligibility for grants, scholarships or loans. Early application is critical to receiving maximum benefits.

Q: Will the laptop computers be insured for accidental damage and /or loss?

A: The institution maintains insurance, but students are responsible for a $50 or higher deductible per incident in the event of damage or $500 in the event of loss. Students can purchase their own insurance to cover the deductible. One method of obtaining this insurance is to include a rider on a homeowners or renters insurance policy with typical costs of $20/year with a deductible. Another option is to establish a separate "personal property protection" policy just for the computer. This typically costs $30/year with no deductible.

Q: What if I am a part-time student and would like to have a laptop computer issued to me for the entire semester?

A: Part-time students will be required to pay a portion of the fee and will be able to check out a computer from the Technology Service Desk for use in their classes. Two or three part-time students can share a computer full time by completing a "Joint Users Contract" available at the Technology Service Desk. Part-time students may choose to pay the full fee and be issued a laptop computer for the entire semester. This option is contingent on availability. Students interested in this option should notify the Technology Service Desk as soon as possible.

Q: How will the laptop computer checkout for part-time students work?

A: Checkout will be for class-time use (10 minutes before class and 15 minutes after class) and other times as available each semester. Open checkout times will be determined and announced at the Technology Service Desk after the last day to add a class. All part-time students must present a student identification card (ID) each time they checkout a laptop computer. This policy does not apply to students enrolled in the VCSU elementary education program at NDSU.

Q: What do I do if my laptop computer is stolen?

A: Report this to the Technology Service Desk immediately! The Technology Service Desk will provide a serial number. You will be required to fill out a Stolen Property Report with the nearest police department in area of theft. You must pay the $500 deductible.

Q: Can I purchase my laptop computer?

A: Alumni that graduate during a particular lease cycle will have the first option to purchase the laptop computers at the end of the lease. VCSU Foundation Office records will be used to contact alumni. Please ensure your contact information is current.

Q: Do I have to pay the technology fee?

A: All students enrolled at VCSU must pay the Technology Fee. This includes students taking classes at off-campus locations. Few, if any, fee waivers will be granted. Fee waivers must be approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Q: Will NDSU students taking classes from VCSU Education faculty be required to pay the technology fee?

A: Yes. NDSU students registered for one or more elementary education courses are required to pay a technology fee each semester. In return, these students are issued an iPad for use till senior year.

Q: Will distance education students be required to pay the technology fee and if so, what will the collected fee provide?

A: Distance education students are required to pay the technology fee. The technology fee collected from distance learners will be used to offset various added costs of instructional delivery, such as Internet services, learning management systems, and creation of electronic course materials.

Q: Can a distance learner rent a VCSU laptop computer?

A: Most distance learners are eligible to rent a VCSU laptop computer and some may be eligible to receive one for the cost of shipping. Please review the attached document for further information concerning eligibility, costs, and procedures.