1.  Start by logging in to the Blackboard portal and clicking on the My VCSU link as shown here.

My VCSU Tab Link

2.  Next click on the Duo link under Hot Spots as shown here.  You will be asked to login again.

Duo Link Location

3.  Below are the screens you will see during the enrollment process. Click on Start setup to begin.

Start Setup Button

4.  Select the Mobile phone radio button and click Continue.

Mobile Phone Selection Button

5.  Enter your cell phone number, check the box to assure it is correct and click Continue.

Cell Number and Continue Button

6.  Click on the Other radio button and click Continue.

Type of Phone Selection

7.  You are now enrolled and can close your browser. If you want to see how it works click on Continue to Login.

Choose Authentication Method

8.  Choose the appropriate method. If you would prefer to use passcodes instead of a phone call, please contact the VCSU Technology Services Desk.

Choose Call or Passcodes