All NDUS (North Dakota University System) policies and procedures apply to VCSU. VCSU expands and supplements the NDUS policies and procedures in the VCSU Policy Manual. The titles of selected individual policies and procedures with significant technology relationships are listed below for your reference. Please consult NDUS and VCSU policy and procedure documentation for policy details and a complete list of all polices and procedures.

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1901.2 - Computer and Network Usage (Guide to appropriate use for all users)

1901.3 - Information Technology Approval Process (Requesting approval for a technology project)

1901.4 - Imaging Procedures (Handling of scanned documents by Offices)

1901.5 - Data Element Dictionary - Data Quality and Integrity

1912.1 - Information Security Procedures

1912.2 - Student Records - Directory Information

1912.3 - Employee Personal Information

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V802.07 - Electronic Financial Transactions Policy and Procedures 

V802.07.01 - Guidelines for Protecting Sensitive Data 

V810.21 - VCSU Telephone and Telephone Billing Procedures

V916.05 - Viking Card Terms and Conditions

V1901.02 - Computer and Network Usage

V1901.02.01 - Full-Time Access to VCSU Laptop Computers

V1901.02.02 - Employee Access to Computer Resources

V1901.03 - Information Technology Approval Process

V1901.05 - Security Incident Response Policy

V1901.06 - Social Media Policy

V1902 - Emergency Notification Systems

V1912.02 - Student Records - Directory Information

V1912.04 - Electronic Surveillance Policy