Please log in to your VCSU Blackboard account to reserve equipment at 

1.  Select Tools, on the bottom of the left side menu.  

2.  Click on My Web Applications.

3. Select Equipment Reservation.

You will be directed through the following steps:

  • Phone number
  • Check out date - Check in date 
  • Choose a device from the drop down menus 
  • Choose a device number
  • Submit reservation

4.  Equipment reservations can be picked up at the Technology Service Desk.

NOTE- If you do not have an account, call the Service Desk to make a reservation.

If you have any questions, please contact the Technology Service Desk.

General information to read before you reserve equipment:

  • NO Digital Cameras are supplied with batteries. You must purchase batteries at your own expense. Digital Cameras take 2 High Quality "AA" size batteries at a time.
  • When bringing video equipment inside from the cold make sure it has warmed up before using it to avoid condensation inside the cameras.
  • We cannot guarantee that the batteries for the Video Cameras are charged. Please reserve and checkout the camera about 2-3 hours before you plan on using it for charging purposes.
  • Users will be notified via email when the reservation is made and when the equipment checked out is late.  Please ensure equipment is returned on time or contact Service Desk.
  • Effective August 24, 2003 we will charge a $1 fee per each hour the equipment is late, plus a $5 service charge up to the original purchase price of the equipment item.