If you get a new smart phone and need to reactivate Duo push please follow these instructions.  Make sure you have Duo Mobile reinstalled on your new smart phone.

1.  Open a web browser on your computer (** Do NOT use your phone) and go to https://2fa.ndus.edu and login using your NDUS credentials.  

Duo Management Login

2.  You will also need to use Duo here, so for this one instance choose the Call Me option since Duo push will not work.  When you answer the call press 5 to confirm.

Choose Call Me Button

3.  Now click the Device Options button to the right of your smart phone device as shown below.

Device Options Button

4.  Then click on the Reactivate Duo Mobile button as shown below.

Manage your Device Menu

5.  Select the smart phone type and click continue.  This will work even if you switch from iOS to Android or vice versa.

Select Phone Type

6.  Make sure you have Duo Mobile installed on your new smart phone and click I have Duo Mobile installed as shown below.

Install Duo Prompt Screen

7.  Open Duo Mobile on your smart phone and tap on the + symbol to bring up your smart phone camera and scan the QR code on your computer screen.

QR Code to finish Reactivation

8.  Duo will be reactivated and you can click continue on your computer to go back to the device management portal.

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