NOTE- One Stop recommends using Chrome.

Login to the One Stop portal through your web browser:

1. On the left hand menu, click the Solutions tab. 

2. Click on the desired folder within which you are about to create an article. IE: General.

Folder Selection Menu

3. Click on the Add New button and select Article.

4. Add a title for your solution and enter the content in the text editor. You can format your text and/or insert images and video using the formatting menu bar directly above the text editor. NOTE - Make sure to Save along as you go so you do not lose your progress.

Formatting Toolbar

5. Finish creating your solution by entering properties in the right hand column.

Properties include:

Category: Verify the category the solution belongs in.

Folder: Verify or select the folder the solution article belongs in.

Type: Solution type should be Permanent.

Tags: Tags are searchable words that help users find your document.

Attach a file: Available to upload files 25MB or less (available at bottom of solution).

6. Click the Save button. Preview your solution, review the properties, and then click Publish.

NOTE- To make edits, click the three dots and select Edit. Resave and Republish your solution after your edits.