NOTE- One Stop recommends using Chrome.

Login to the OneStop portal through your web browser:

1. On the left hand menu, click the Solutions tab. Solutions Tab Icon

2. Click on the desired folder within which you are about to create an article. IE: General.

Folder Selection Menu

3. Click on the Add Solution button.

4. Give a name to your solution and enter the content in the rich text editor. You can format your text and/or insert images and video using the formatting menu bar directly above the text editor.

Formatting Toolbar

5. Other options include attaching a file. Attach a file

6. Finish creating your solution by entering:

    -Tags: Tags are searchable words that help users find your document. 

    -Folder: Verify or select the folder the solution article relates to.

   - Solution Type: Solution type should be Permanent.

   - Solution Status: Final solution status should be Published. NOTE- Select Draft if your solution is a work in progress. 

7. Save your solution by clicking Save. 

NOTE- OneStop recommends using the rich text editor. If you have current files in Word or as a .pdf, do the following:

    -Copy and paste text into a Text Pad document

    -Format text (alignment, margins, etc.)

   - Copy and paste text from text pad into OneStop rich text editor.