Download OneDrive:

1. If OneDrive is not already installed on your Mac, go to the OneDrive download website:

2. Click Download to download..

3. Open your Mac's downloads folder and double-click the OneDrive.pkg file. 

4. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the OneDrive application on your Mac.

Sign in to OneDrive:

1. Open the OneDrive app.

2. Sign in with:

Using OneDrive:

OneDrive acts much like any other folder on your Mac. The only difference is that the data within it is also stored in the cloud. In the OneDrive folder, you will find three default folders labeled Documents, Pictures, and Public. You can add as many folders as you wish, and create any system of organization that suits you.

Adding files is as simple as copying or dragging them to the OneDrive folder or appropriate subfolder. After you put files in the OneDrive folder, you can access them from any Mac, PC, or mobile device that has OneDrive installed. You can also access the OneDrive folder from any computer or mobile device using the web interface.

The OneDrive app runs as a menu bar item that includes sync status for files kept in the OneDrive folder.