To access Office 365 email:

1. Open your browser and type:

2. Enter your credentials:  user name: .  Password: Blackboard password. 

email login page

NOTE- Duo Mobile is used for authentication for Office 365.  Users must be registered in order to proceed with logging into VCSU email.  If you have not registered for Duo Mobile, you can refer to these documents:   Duo Mobile on Iphone/iPad or Duo Mobile on Android.

Using Duo Mobile:

There will be three security options for you to choose from:

Send me a Push: Sends a notification to the Duo app on your phone. Users must Approve the notification. 

Call Me: An automated phone call will be placed to the phone number you registered in Duo Mobile. 

 Enter a Passcode: Enter a passcode generated by the Duo app on your phone. 

This is a personal preference decision but most common is Send Me a Push (instructions as follows).

Using Send Me a Push in Duo Mobile: 

Duo Authentication Options

After you select Send Me a Push, open the Duo app on your phone. You will receive a Login request. 

Tap Approve.

Phone approval screen

Microsoft will continue to ask you to stay signed in. Check Do not show this again, and click Yes.