This manual contains both policies (statements that guide and sometimes determine decisions in the university) and procedures (instructions on the steps to follow in order to accomplish a particular task). The President of the university is responsible for the university policy manual. No policy may take effect without the approval of the President.

The President delegates leadership responsibility for each policy to an official or entity that is designated as its 'sponsor.' Sponsors are expected to review their policies at least once per year and to continually monitor and respond to relevant policy changes from the State Board of Higher Education that may impact university policy. In case of conflict, policies of the State Board of Higher Education supersede those of the university. Sponsors should develop proposed revisions to their policies in consultation with other relevant officers or entities and submit them to the President for approval and updating. This is a continuous process with no pre-defined deadlines. The President may also initiate proposed policy changes in any area and will confer with the sponsor prior to implementing any change.

The President may adopt interim policies and procedures as needed. When interim policies and procedures fall within the defined scope of authority of the faculty, staff, or student senates, the President shall notify the respective body of the interim policy or procedure prior to or at the time it takes effect. If the President wishes to enact the interim policy or procedure, the President shall present the interim policy or procedure to the appropriate legislative body for review not later than six months from its effective date or other time specified in university procedures. The legislative body shall decide, subject to the president's approval or veto, whether the policy or procedure should be adopted, revised, or discontinued.

Officials and entities are encouraged to submit new policies and procedures to the President for consideration to be added to this manual. The goal is to have a single source for all campus personnel on all significant university matters of broad applicability.

Reviewed: January 2005

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