If you need to connect to the VCSU network from off campus via VPN follow these steps.

1.  Open a web browser such as Chrome or Firefox and go to https://ra.vcsu.edu as shown below.

URL to enter

2.  In the Logon Group drop down select VCSU and the enter your username and password (first.lastname and NDUS password).

Pick your Log in group

3.  You are now connected via VPN.  To install the AnyConnect client for future use click on the AnyConnect link on the left followed by the Start Anyconnect as shown below.

Where to start anyconnect

4.  Next click on the Windows Desktop link if the web based installation is unsuccessful to save the file and then double click the saved file to run the installation locally as shown below.

Windows Desktop Link

Save File Window

File location for install

5.  Complete the installation process by clicking the buttons highlighted by the arrows as shown below.

Setup Wizard

License Agreement

Install Button

Finish Install Screen

6.  You should now see the AnyConnect Icon in the lower right corner of your screen as shown below.

Anyconnect Icon Location

7.  You can connect to VPN by clicking on that icon and entering ra.vcsu.edu in the box and clicking connect.

Connection Window

8.  Again select VCSU from the drop down, enter your username and password and click OK(first.lastname and NDUS password).

Login Window

9.  You are connected when the Anyconnect icon has a padlock on it.

Anyconnect icon connected