In order to create a ticket in One Stop from an email, you will need to forward the email into the One Stop system. This will generate an unassigned ticket in One Stop that users will need to update and assign accordingly. 

NOTE - Each department will have their own forwarding One Stop email address. Use the appropriate email address to submit tickets per department.

Forwarding support emails to One Stop:

1. Click the Forward button in your Outlook menu.

Forward Button

2. Enter the appropriate department One Stop forwarding address. IE: for the Technology Services Dept.

NOTE - Yo may add any directions or notes to the email before forwarding to the One Stop system.

Email Address to send ticket to One Stop

After you forward the email to the One Stop system, you will need to update the requester information and assign the ticket.

Updating and assigning a One Stop email ticket:

NOTE - There are multiple ways to view the new ticket. In this scenario, we will be using Unassigned Tickets.

1. Click Unassigned to view open and unassigned tickets. 

Unassigned Tickets Location

2. Open the new ticket and click on the pencil icon to edit requester information.

Edit Icon

3. Enter the email address of the original user or email address requesting support and then click Update.

Set Requestor

4. Lastly, under Properties, assign the ticket to the appropriate department and agent. Clic Update to save Property changes.

Assign Agent Location