Distance Fee: The distance fee provides partial funding for the salary and benefit costs for the positions teaching, designing and supporting distance courses. The fee also supports the design framework of VCSU distance courses.

Technology Fee: The technology fee covers VCSU technology infrastructure expenses necessary for students to communicate electronically and share data with faculty, other students, and student administrative support offices. Specifically the technology fee covers the hardware, software, and expertise necessary to provide the following services for all students: a personal web portal with single user name and password, web site services, online learning management and data storage system, email, calendar, web conferencing, server firewall, anti-virus protection, spam filtering, and user technical support.

All full-time students and some part-time students are entitled to a laptop computer at no extra charge, not including shipping. Other students can receive a laptop computer for an additional fee. The attachment explains the procedures and added cost, if any, associated with receiving a laptop computer. (Reference the attached PDF)

The following services are available to all students. However, the practical accessibility is dependent on the proximity of the student to the service and the applicability to the mode of instruction, i.e. online versus on-campus. Additional services include smart classrooms, wired and wireless local area network access, and mobile computer peripherals, e.g. video cameras, digital still cameras, tripods, microphones, LCD projectors, amplified speakers, and scanners. Note: Technology fees for online classes are typically less than on-campus classes.

Student Senate: Supports the operation of the Student Government and a wide variety of student activities. Included are a number of programs and services such as the Music Department, The Forge, Theatre, Tutoring, Viking Campus Activities Board, Homecoming, Spring Blast and other special events. All recognized student organization can request funds from Student Senate. Admission to student events are free or at a reduced price for students that pay this fee.

Student Health: Funds a University Health Service which includes a half time Registered Nurse on campus every day during the school year. The nurse's office provides walk-in service for all registered students as well as a number health education and awareness programs.

Student Center: Supports the operation of Student Center including staff, maintenance, repair of facilities, and replacement of furnishings. The Student Center provides dining facilities, meeting rooms, study areas and lounge space for students.

Athletic Fee: The athletic fee supports operating expenses incurred by VCSU student athletes participating in intercollegiate Football, Volleyball, Men's and Women's Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Men's and Women's golf. The fee also supports intramural recreational opportunities for students who wish to participate. Because of this fee, students receive free admission to all intercollegiate contests except postseason DAC tournaments.

Fitness Facility: Provides membership to the Gaukler Family Wellness Center and other wellness resources through the campus.

CND: A fee approved by the Board for administrative, financial and student information systems replacement costs.

NDSA: The NDSA fee is to support the North Dakota Student Association. Funds raised by the fee shall be dedicated to the support of the NDSA and its activities.