Employee Travel Advances are used when employees travel and need and advance for meals & lodging. To request an advance submit an Employee Travel Advance worksheet along with a Request for Payment payable to the employee, a few days prior to the expected travel.

In accordance with North Dakota Century Code 44-08-04.2 any state agency shall advance at the request of the agency head for employees of that agency funds to be used for payment of meal and lodging expenses incurred while the official or employee is traveling on official business of this state, provided that such travel must be planned to be in excess of five days per month, whether or not consecutive, and provided that the funds advanced do not exceed eighty percent of estimated expenses for the period. Travel advances must be approved by the chief executive officer or a designee of the agency involved. Funds advanced for meals and lodging under this section must be accounted for as required under section 44-08-04 travel.

To Request an Advance

  • Complete an Employee Travel Advance Worksheet - per diem rates and lodging rates based on travel quarters and locations are still applicable to an advance
  • Complete a Voucher (Request for Payment) payable to the employee and code it with the proper meals and lodging account codes
  • Attach the Employee Travel Advance Worksheet as documentation for the Voucher and retain a second copy for later
  • Submit to the Business Office for payment

For more information, please contact:

VCSU Business Office