The following items may be performed by the cardholder's supervisor, the Purchasing Card Administrator, or another designated employee (other than cardholder).

  • Review the information submitted by the cardholder. The amount of review will depend on a number of factors, but the supervisor should, at a minimum, periodically compare receipts to the Statement of Account report submitted by the cardholder.
  • Verify purchases are for business use.
    • The card must not be used for personal transactions.
    • If it is determined that personal or other inappropriate charges are occurring on the purchasing card, appropriate steps, up to and including repayment, cancellation of card, dismissal, and possible criminal prosecution may be taken to solve the misuse/abuse of the purchasing card. Repayment will include any applicable sales tax.
  • Sign the purchasing card envelope to certify that purchases are for business purposes and are in compliance with appropriate rules and regulations to the best of the supervisor's knowledge.
  • Forward the signed the purchasing card envelope, JPMorgan electronic statement and all original itemized receipts to the VCSU Business Office. Departments may keep a copy of the Statement of Account report on file within their department.
  • Return the purchasing card of a terminated employee to the Purchasing Card Administrator.