What to do when making a purchase?

In-Store Purchases

  • Prior to making the purchase, notify the clerk that the purchase is tax exempt.
  • Verify that no sales tax was charged on your receipt prior to leaving the store.

Telephone Purchases

  •   Prior to making the purchase, notify the vendor that the purchase is tax exempt.

Online Purchases

  •  “Valley City State University” should be on the first line of the “Bill to Address”.
  •  Utilize higher education links (Example: Dell) whenever possible.
  • When not utilizing a higher education link, watch for a check box to indicate the purchase is tax exempt and utilize this option before completing the purchase.

What to do when sales tax has been charged?
If tax was charged, contact the vendor immediately for a refund to your credit card. The cardholder is responsible for getting the tax refunded. Document on the receipt/invoice the date the vendor was contacted.

Amazon Orders

Contact Business Office to be added to the VCSU Amazon Business Account


Otherwise - Initially you will be charged sales tax. Always put “Valley City State University” on the first line of the billing address.

After you place your order you will obtain an order number.

  • Email Amazon at tax-exempt@amazon.com and provide them with your order number and tax exempt certificate
  • Refund may take 3-5 days to show up on your card.
  • Amazon phone number: 866-216-1072

VCSU Business Accounts
  Many companies have an account for VCSU to process tax exemption. We have listed company accounts you will want to know if you are making purchases with them to receive tax exemption.

Menards (ND) - ND0028806
Menards (MN) - MN0112260
Office Depot - 63640014
OfficeMax - 000302065497
Wal-Mart (ND) - 1464759
Wal-Mart (Jamestown) - 917879
Wal-Mart (MN) - 1908054

Canon please do the following:
Tax exempt orders can be made through Canon Direct; however, your tax exempt status will need to be verified prior to an order being placed.
A copy of your Tax Exempt Certificate form will need to be faxed to Canon at 1-800-729-5030, with attention to the Canon Direct Department.
The fax should include the following information in addition to the actual Tax Exempt Certificate:

- Your contact in Canon Email Support
- Company Name
- Your Name
- Street Address (street, city, state, and zip code)
- Telephone number
- State EIN (Employer Identification Number)
- Email address or eStore ID

Once the Tax Exempt Certificate is received, it will be reviewed to ensure all required information is included. Once the certificate has been approved it will be entered into the Canon Direct system. You will be contacted when this process is complete so that you can place your order. Please be aware that any orders placed prior to your tax-exempt status being entered into our system will result in the order having sales tax applied, which will be non-refundable.

Once the tax exempt process is complete, orders will be able to be placed online at Canon Direct (http://shop.usa.canon.com) or via our Sales Department at 1-800-828-4040. The department is open from 8:00 a.m. to Midnight (Eastern Time), seven days a week.