In support of policy 401.2 Political Activities the following rules and guidelines will be observed. 

  1. Political posters or other advocacy materials may be placed on University bulletin boards where general information materials are normally posted. University bulletin boards are serviced through the Student Center. Anyone wanting to post materials on University bulletin boards should contact the Student Center.
  2. Political campaigning or advocacy materials shall not be distributed through campus e-mail, campus mail, posted on designated bulletin boards, or distributed in campus mailboxes unless they are the announcement of an activity or event sponsored by a recognized campus organization, or unless they are sent through the U.S. Mail with proper postage attached.
  3. Fliers may be distributed on the campus, in the public areas of campus buildings, or placed for self-distribution in the several locations where viking media is distributed. Persons distributing handbills shall take reasonable care to ensure that campus litter resulting from such distribution is minimized.
  4. Posters or fliers shall not be affixed to walls, either external or internal, nor shall they be placed on trees or poles or fastened to stakes in campus lawns.
  5. Fliers may be distributed outside the gates at any athletic contest or other events open to the public. They shall not be distributed inside the admission gates of Lokken Field, Osmon Arena, Graichen Gymnasium, Vangstad Hall or Froemke Auditorium; except that persons distributing fliers may take shelter in entryways during inclement weather.

Sponsored by: President 

Effective: 1984

Reviewed: Winter, 1996

Revised: March 2016