Users who access the Transact system directly need to have the Transact server fileshare mapped, which allows you to run the Transact exe and log into Transact. Here is how to map the drive on a Windows PC:

1. Open up File Explorer (you should see a yellow folder icon along the bottom, or you can do a search for "File Explorer").

2. Do a right click on "This PC" and select Map network drive.

3. Select a drive letter (doesn't matter which letter), and type "\\\workstation" in the Folder section.

4. Check the box where it says "Reconnect at sign-in". 

5. Click Finish and it should map the drive as long as you are logged into the network on your computer.

6. The Bb Transact app is located in the following path: <drive letter>:\TSMain.exe. Then you can create a shortcut on your Desktop to that exe if you like. Note that as of June 15th, 2022 the Transact exe name has changed from BbTSMain.exe to TSMain.exe. This requires deleting any old shortcut and copying the new shortcut to your Desktop (see attached screenshot).

NOTE: When logging into Transact for the first time, you have to enter the server name where it says "Web API Server FQDN" in the login screen (this is new following the August 1, 2019 Transact upgrade)- enter "". This only needs to be entered the first time. Then enter your username and password as usual.