VCSU seeks to provide affordable and convenient access to technology services, as appropriate to the needs of each position. 

Before obtaining access to technology services, employees must be approved for employment by the HR Office and they must be entered into the ConnectND administrative computing system by the Business Office. Once this information has propagated to NDUS computing systems, VCSU Technology Services staff will have the ability to create a user account for VCSU technology services. In addition, the supervisor may be required to provide additional information to Technology Services, e.g. desire for a long distance access code, special requests for computer or phone type, office location, and other information not available from ConnectND. 

Devices such as computers and telephones and access privileges such as phone numbers, long distance codes, photocopy codes, and rights to department documents and folders are assigned to an individual based on a specific position. Users shall not retain devices and access privileges upon changes to their position and they shall notify Technology Services of privileges not appropriate to their position. When user changes occur, such as position assignment, supervisor, or office location; the devices, access privileges, E911 location, and other information must be updated within ConnectND where appropriate and Technology Services must be notified with a Technology Services electronic ticket prior to receiving new or different services.

A user account shall be created for all employees. This user account will provide access to VCSU enterprise applications appropriate to the position, such as computer login, portal, e-mail, calendar, telephone number, long distance access code, learning management system, and intranet file storage. 

Staff shall be issued a personal computer (desktop or portable computer) on a full-time basis, based on need of the position and contingent on availability of computers.

Faculty teaching 6 or more credits will be issued a portable computer on a full-time basis. The portable computer shall be returned to the Help Desk immediately, if the teaching load of a faculty member falls below 6 credits. A division or department chair may request that a portable computer be issued full-time to a faculty member teaching less than 6 credits by sending e-mail to the CIO explaining the need at least three business days prior to the beginning of each semester that full-time access is desired. Computers issued to faculty teaching less than 6 credits will be based on need and availability of computers each semester.

Employees may check out portable computers, cameras, projectors, and other peripheral devices at the Technology Services Desk for work related purposes.

Sponsored by: Chief Information Officer 

Adopted: Fall 2004

Number Change: October 2010 (formerly 1902.1.2)

Revised: 2014