There are several version of Windows installed on PC's.  VCSU currently supports Windows 10 v.1607,1703,1709,1803 or 1809.  

The current PC image created August of 2018 included Windows 10 v. 1803.  

You can verify what version you are using by running a simple command. 

Right Click on your Start Menu icon, Select Run, Type "winver" in the Open text box. 

The following window should appear with information about specific Windows version you are using;

Windows Version Information

Make sure to run your Microsoft Updates to keep your Windows machine safe and secure.

Right click on Start Menu, Click on Settings, Click on Update and Security and then Windows Update.

Settings Menu

When Windows Update window appears, you can select Check for Updates.  You can also select Check online for updates...  Be sure to allow yourself time before running any updates.  They do take some time especially if it a version update.

Windows update menu

You may be prompted to restart your computer after updates have been installed.  

If any updates fail or any errors are shown, make a note of them and contact Technology Services for help.