VCSU assigned MacBooks should be enrolled on VCSU's JAMF management server to keep computers managed and updated.  

To setup Jamf please see the following article:   Self Enrolling on Jamf server and using VCSU Self Service

Follow steps below to upgrade Mac OS using Apple update software: 

NOTE:  Always make sure you have saved any open documents and closed all applications.  Be sure to backup any of your files using a cloud service such as OneDrive or iCloud or use a flash drive to make a copy of all needed files.  Please allow time to perform updates and restart as required.  Never close lid, put laptop to sleep or shut power off while updating.

1.  Click on Apple icon in top left and select "About this Mac".

2.  Choose "Software Updates" icon at bottom of window.

3.  Wait while Software Updater checks for available versions.

4.  You may be prompted with available update similar to below.  Make sure you have backed up your files, have at least an hours time to install and then select "Upgrade Now".

5.  Wait while your new Mac OS downloads and begins installation.

6.  Once downloaded, the installer will prompt you with the OS X installation screen.

7.   When prompted, choose "Agree" and follow the prompts.

8.   When prompted select the "Macintosh HD" and click "Install".

9.   The latest Mac OS will now begin installing and ask to restart when finished.  DO NOT SHUTDOWN or CLOSE LID DURING THE IINSTALLATION!

10.  Once restarted, you will be prompted for some information to finish installation and you should receive notice that your "Mac is up to date".

For additional information, please visit: How to Update Software on Your Mac