As custodian of student records in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, the university assumes the trust and obligation to ensure full protection of student records which includes maintaining the confidentiality of education records. The term 'student' in this policy means an eligible student under FERPA (a student at VCSU). 


Student records maintained by the university fall into two general categories - - directory information and educational records. This policy defines Directory Information, as required under SBHE Policy 1912. Policies regarding Educational Records may be found in the Student Handbook.


Directory Information

Directory information is information concerning a student which may be released publicly. It includes the following:

  1. Student Name *
  2. Hometown (city, state)
  3. Campus e-mail address
  4. Height, weight and photos of athletic team members
  5. Major field of study (all declared majors)
  6. Minor field of study (all declared minors)
  7. Class level
  8. Dates of attendance
  9. Enrollment status (withdrawn, half-time, full-time)
  10. Names of previous institutions attended
  11. Participation in officially recognized activities and sports
  12. Honors/awards received
  13. Degree earned (all degrees earned)
  14. Date degree earned (dates of all degrees earned)
  15. Directory photos, photographs and video recordings of students in public or non-classroom settings (photographs from classrooms or class-related activities are NOT directory information)


Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, students have the right to request directory information not be made public by contacting the Office of the Registrar. Campuses will honor student requests to withhold directory information until the student makes the request in writing to lift the restriction.   


The university receives inquiries for 'directory information' from a variety of sources including, but not limited to, prospective employers, other colleges and universities, graduate schools, licensing agencies, government agencies, news media, parents, friends, and relatives. VCSU has no responsibility to contact a student for subsequent permission to release directory information after the student has requested a restriction.

* If a student provides a preferred name, the college or university tries to use it when communicating directly with the student. The preferred name is also used in class/grade rosters, academic requirement reports, email addresses, etc. Preferred name is a supported business practice, unless there is a documented business or legal reason to use a student’s legal name. When communicating with outside third parties, including parents, the college or university generally uses a student’s legal name. Please note the collection and use of preferred names across campuses is an evolving practice.

** Campus email addresses are only disclosed to requestors who agree to not use them for solicitation.

Sponsor:  Vice President for Academic Affairs

Effective:  May 2019

Revised:  June 2019