All projection and sound cables can be checked out at the Information Desk at the Student Center

1. Very Important, please make sure the Amp is turned on (green light) for the room you want audio. The Amp is in the storage room between the Skoal and the Cafeteria rooms. Each amp is labeled for the rooms they power.

2. Before connecting the device to the projection and audio system, rotate the Biamp white dial to the sound input device you need and press the center button to verify level settings. Press the center button to select and to go back to the previous menu.

Biamp Audio Source Selector

Skoal Room

Mic 1 – 80 

Mic 2 – 80 

Wireless Mic – 80 

Projector – 80 


Skoal Zone 1 Mute 

Skoal Zone 2 Mute 


Phone to Cafeteria 

>Phone to Skoal Room 



Mic 1 – 90 

Mic 2 – 90 

Wireless Mic – 90 

HDMI – 80 

PC – RCA jacks – 100 


3. If the projector is needed, turn on the projector and verify (with the projector remote) the volume is set at 10. 

Skoal Room & Cafetria

HDMI connectivity is available in these locations. To control the volume, you can use the projectors remote or the laptops volume keys (PC only).

Projector Remote Volume Buttons


VGA is also available in this location and if you want sound to the room speakers:

 a. Connect a male to male headphone cable and plug into the headphone jack on your device and wall plate. 

Headphone Cables

4. For a corded microphone, connect the end of the microphone cable into the Mic 1 or Mic 2 wall port located near sound equipment

5. For the wireless microphone, turn on the microphone by pressing and holding the red button on the bottom of the microphone.
Verify that the wireless receiver has unmuted. The "MUTE" will disappear if the wireless microphone is connected.

Wireless Mic Mute status

6. You shouldn't need to adjust any of the preset on the Biamp controller. If you do, please reset the levels back to their original settings after uses with the stated above levels to avoid undesirable sound levels.

For additional help contact Technology Service Desk @ 701-845-7340