Submitting a Course Substitution Online

1.) Log into Blackboard and click on the My VCSU tab.

2.) Under My Web Applications, click the Course Substitution link.

3.) The Course Substitution Request page opens. To create a course substitution request, click New Request.
Click New Request

4.) Enter in the student’s username (Ex: firstname.lastname) and click Save & Continue.
Click Save & Continue

Under Substitute/Use, enter the information for the course that is being used as a substitution. Click the Add Course button to add as many courses as needed.


6.) Click on the Program Requirements tab. Select the program requirement area for the substitution(s) and select the appropriate course(s) from the Substitute Course drop down menu. Click on the > to enter any advisor Comments. Once completed, click Submit to Chair.

Program Requirements

Tracking the Status of a Course Substitution Request

To track the status of a course substitution, an advisor can click My Student Requests and a request may be found by using the search text field or by looking under the one of the following tabs:

     a.) Submitted – Pending Chair Approval
     b.) Chair Approved – Pending VP Approval
     c.) Pending Submission
     d.) Registrar Completed

Tracking a Course Substitution Request

2.) For more detailed information, click on any hyperlinked text (Ex: First Name, Last Name, Userid, Advisor, When Requested) and the request will open.

3.) Under the Office Use tab you can see where a request is and approvals/denials will be date stamped. An advisor and the student will receive an email if a course substitution request is completed or denied. If a request is denied, an advisor can edit and resubmit the original request or they can delete it.

Example of a newly submitted request that needs chair and VPAA approval:

Office Use View

4.) Department chairs and the Vice President of Academic Affairs will receive an email notification when there is a new course substitution request ready for them to review.