Location: Faculty Material Center (FMC) - McFarland 145

Faculty/Staff mail is received on the VCSU campus daily Monday through Friday at 10:00 AM. The Business Office sorts mail for the Administrative offices, faculty, & staff.


The Business Office postmarks all outgoing campus mail for the VCSU Administrative offices. Most departments have been given their own outgoing mail boxes. These mail boxes are for outgoing mail only not for on campus mail. Your box is located below your name. If there is not a designated box for your department, please use the 'miscellaneous' box. Please put your International outgoing mail into the International box instead of placing it into your department box.

  • Outgoing mail is processed at 3:00 PM Please have all outgoing mail in the mail room by 3:00 PM.
  • Larger envelopes/boxes should be placed on the counter, if they do not fit in your box. Likewise, if you have a larger mailing where all pieces do not fit in your box; place them all on the counter, bound together. Please indicate what department you would like to charge the envelopes/boxes to.
  • Return Address: Make sure the department to be charged the postage is identified in the return address section of the envelope. Without a return address the letter will not be sent.
  • Do Not Dove-Tail Envelopes: If you have more than one envelope being mailed and it's not pre-sealed, do not dove-tail the ends so the machine can seal the envelopes.
  • Pre-stamped Mail: Pre-stamped mail should be placed in the designated bin located on the shelf to the left of the department mail boxes.