Cast Desktop or Chromcast-enabled sites

1. Connect to the “Apple TV” wireless network

- If you need credentials, contact Network Services

2. Open Chrome

3. Click on the Cast Button button or the More iconMore Iconin the top right and select Cast.

Cast Button

4. Click on Sources and select Cast Desktop

- If no Chromecast is available, please click Connecting to Chromecast from PC or Mac.

Cast Desktop Button

5. Select the available Chromecast you want to cast to

Available Chrome Casts

6. Select the Screen you want to share and click on “Share”

- If you want audio, verify that “Share audio” is selected 

Stop Casting

1. Open the Chrome browser and click on Casting Display Icon button to the left of the More icon

2. Click on the stop icon Stop Casting Icon

Add Cast button to Chrome toolbar

1. Repeat casting steps 1-6 above

2. In the Chrome Browser, right click on the button to the left of the More icon and select “Always show icon

Add Cast Button to Chrome Toolbar