Instructors: When logging into YuJa for the first time, make sure to to use a course that you are an instructor in. This is important in order for your YuJa account to be created properly. Using a course that you are a student in OR using the "Outside of Blackboard" method first, will result in your account being created with "student-based permissions".

   Accessing YuJa from Blackboard   

Accessing Yuja in Blackboard can be achieved by using one of the following methods.

1. From the course menu using "Tools"

  • Add a Tools Link in your course menu if you have not already done so.
  • Click on the Tools link and choose Yuja - VCSU

2. From within a content area 

  • Go into any Content Area in the course that you wish to add Yuja Media content to.
  • Select Build Content at the top left of the Content Area menu window.
  • In the Build Content drop down box, select Yuja Media Chooser - VCSU

   Accessing Yuja from Outside of Blackboard   

Go to and click the Login button in the upper right corner of the page.
From the Valley City State University Media Library welcome page, select VCSU Single-Sign-On at the top right hand corner.
Sign in with your NDUS account (example – jane.doe).


Additional YuJa Help Resources

Check these resources for more information.

YuJa Support Site
YuJa Video Tutorials
YuJa YouTube Channel


Have additional questions or technical issues? 

Don't hesitate to contact VCSU Service Desk by sending a chat or creating a ticket here:

Or send us an email at