You will need to register your gaming device before accessing the VCSU network. To register you will need to locate the MAC address.

If you need to find the MAC address on an Xbox One click Locating the MAC address on the Xbox One.

Xbox 360

  1. On the Xbox 360 Dashboard, scroll over to Settings and select Systems 

    System Settings Button

  2. Scroll down to Network Settings 

    Network Settings Button

  3. Select which method of connection you want to use. Either selection will lead you to locate your MAC address
  4. Select Configure Network 

    Configure Network Tab

  5. Navigate to Additional Settings and scroll down to Advanced Settings 

    Advanced Settings Button

  6. Note the MAC Address on the Left-hand side in the format of XXXXXXXXXXXX 

  7. Use the MAC Address for the method of connectivity to fill out the form for registering Personal Devices