Color Code Blackboard Grade Data  

The Grade Center can provide color-coded visual indicators to help assess more quickly the status of students’ work or grade performance. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to the Full Grade Center
  2. Choose Manage, Grading Color Codes

Notice at the top the option to enable Grading Color Codes is displayed. You can use this like an on/off switch to show or hide color code displays. 

A button also displays in the Grade Center  to hide color codes.

Enable Grading Color Codes Checkbox

Color coding options can be applied to grading status. For example:

Grading Status Color Coding Example

By default, the color code is white so you can leave as is if you do not wish to flag something.

You can color code specific grade ranges using more than one criterion. Click Add Criteria to add more then Submit.

Setting Color by Grade Range