A Student is about to take a test and they get the following message on their computer.

"There is a problem with the LockDown Browser settings for the exam. The instructor needs to use the LockDown Browser "dashboard" to enable the settings for the exam".

This is a simple fix that the instructor can do.


In Blackboard under Course Management go to Course Tools > Respondus LockDown Browser

Note: If you show a "Getting Started" Video page, click the box "Don't show this page again" and click the button "Continue to Lockdown Browser"  This page will not show up the next time you access the Lockdown Browser Dashboard.

Now look for any errors and click the "Fix it" button.

This should fix the problem. The instructor may need to reset the student(s) test attempt in the Grade Center Manager as the system thinks the tests has already been attempted and is now locked.

If this doesn't fix the problem. Contact Technology Services ASAP.

LockDown Browser Support: