Need to Meet with Students Online?  

* * * COVID 19 recommendations using Collaborate Ultra * * * 

Please see the video "How to Use Collaborate in Your Course Site" created by NDUS CTS staff. This video covers best practice in unnecessary resources while the Blackboard system is experiencing such high demand.

In your Blackboard course, you can use Blackboard’s web conferencing tool, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, directly in your course site to meet with students virtually. Here’s how:

1.Course Tools
2.Click Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
3.Choose Create Session
4.Session information:

a. Type a name for your session.

b. Session parameters: At this point, Collaborate assumes you wish to create a session immediately and fills in the start and end date for today, lasting one hour.

i. You can create individual sessions for specific dates and times. This session can be repeated.

ii. You can also create one session, such as “Office Hours” that starts and ends on days coinciding with the semester or has no ending date. Students can jump into this session at any time.

c. Description: This is optional, however if you create a session such as “Office Hours” you might want to indicate in the description the times you will be present.

d. Links: Note the guest link listed at the top. If students have trouble finding your Collaborate session, you can give them this link to join. Once in the session, you can promote them to “Moderator” to give them additional capabilities such as screen sharing. An anonymous link would be used to invite, for example, a guest speaker.

5.Add Collaborate session to content area: To add a link to the Blackboard Collaborate room in your course site, select a content area then choose Tools, Blackboard Collaborate, select the session you wish to add. 


Accessibility Video: Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra sessions can be recorded. As an instructor, you can record your lectures or supplemental course content for students to view. It can also be used to record student presentations giving you more time for reviewing and grading. Here’s a YouTube video that will help you become better acquainted with Collaborate: