Creative Ways to Use Blackboard’s Glossary

Glossaries can be a terrific resource and they don’t need to be limited to terminology. They can also work like a one-stop repository. With Blackboard’s Glossary, you can include:

  • Pictures, Artwork
  • Videos such as YouTube
  • Files (e.g.; sample lesson plans)
  • Quotes
  • Biographies
  • Historical events
  • Key course concepts
  • Websites
  • News articles (subject is the glossary term)
  • Audio files
  • Writing prompts

Once a glossary is created, add it to your content area by choosing Tools, More Tools, Glossary.

Instructors can upload to create a glossary or download glossaries they’ve created. As with most content items in Blackboard, you can specify availability dates and you can track the number of views. (Note: for audio, Windows users might find the best results by selecting Embedded Audio and link to an MP3 file in your content folder.)