The following is an example computing contract that VCSU students are required to read and electronically sign if checking out a laptop.  Please click on "Signing a computing contract" prior to checking out a laptop.

The primary purpose of VCSU's provision of access to computers, network resources, and computer support services is to facilitate education, research, and economic development consistent with the objectives of VCSU.

This contract begins the day this contract is electronically signed and submitted. This contract ends #enddate or immediately upon a change in status as a VCSU student for reasons such as withdrawal, suspension, expulsion or cancellation, whichever comes first. If I am assigned a VCSU computer and fail to return the computer to the VCSU Technology Service Desk by the agreement ending date, I realize that I am subject to a $50 processing fine and criminal prosecution or civil liability and agree to pay the replacement cost of the computer. 

In case of withdrawal, suspension, expulsion or cancellation from the university the following financial account adjustments may apply: a) charged a $4.75 per day rental fee from date the contract was electronically signed till date laptop is returned or the beginning of subsequent semester, whichever comes first; b) any mandatory technology fees paid will be refunded at the current withdrawal rate established at the VCSU Business Office. 

In case of loss or theft of the computer, I understand that notifying the VCSU Technology Service Desk immediately and filing a theft report with the nearest police department can diminish my liability from the full replacement cost of the computer to a fee of $500. 

The minimum penalty for returning the computer after the agreement ending date shall include a $50 processing fine, plus a $4.75 per day late fine. Lost or stolen parts or backpacks will be billed at replacement cost. 

I am responsible for any damage to the computer. I will return the computer and peripherals to the VCSU Technology Service Desk, in the same condition as on the agreement beginning date, reasonable wear and tear excepted. If I damage the computer, I will be charged for any needed repairs up to a $50 deductible for the first incident. Additional repair incidents may result in higher deductibles. See below for further explanation. 

Damage Deductibles

If either of the following have occurred while attending VCSU, my deductible on future repair incidents will be higher and I will be assigned a strike in either case: a) a repair incident exceeding $250 in billable parts, b) a late fine incident exceeding $65 billed to my account ($50 processing fine plus four or more days late at $4.75/day). Please see below for possible repair deductible charges.

No strikes - up to $50 deductible

One strikes - up to $150 deductible

Two strikes - up to $450 deductible

Three strikes or more -up to replacement cost of computer

If you have a question about your current deductible level, please contact a Technology Service Desk staff member.

If I am a part-time student I may checkout a computer up to 10 minutes before class and must return the computer no later than 15 minutes after the class ending time as advertised in the yearlong class schedule. Other times available for checkout will be available at the Technology Service Desk. The maximum checkout period will be 16 hours Monday through Friday. I will return the computer by the time specified during checkout each time I checkout a computer and I agree to pay a $5 processing fine plus $1 per each hour late, up to the replacement cost of the computer.

Two or three part-time students may request to checkout a computer jointly on a full time basis by filling out a Computing Resources Contract Addendum: "Joint Responsibility of a Notebook Computer by Two or Three Part-time Students". Please contact the VCSU Technology Service Desk to have this form sent via email to be signed by all parties in addition to this contract.

I also understand that it is my responsibility to give written notice to the VCSU Technology Service Desk of any address or phone number changes.

If I check out other electronic equipment including digital cameras, video cameras, LCD projectors, scan converters, external DVD drives, etc., from the VCSU Technology Service Desk, I understand that I am responsible for any damage, loss, or theft of the equipment, up to the replacement cost of the equipment I will return the equipment by the time specified during checkout or within 72 hours, whichever is less. I agree to pay a $5 processing fine plus $1 per each hour late.

All users of VCSU computer and network capabilities are required to comply with NDUS (North Dakota University System) and VCSU procedures established in compliance with SBHE (State Board of Higher Education) Policy 1901.2.

NDUS Procedures for SBHE 1901.2 are posted for review at the following URL:

VCSU addendums to the NDUS Procedures that apply to students are listed below:

3.1.3v - Appropriate use of electronic messaging systems at VCSU

Sending an unauthorized message to a large group of users is prohibited. Using network resources for partisan political purposes is prohibited. Students or recognized student organizations may request authorization to send electronic messages to groups of faculty, staff and /or students by contacting the Vice President for Student Affairs.

3.2.1.v - VCSU email is an official means of communication

Recognizing the importance of timely, efficient, and consistent communication with students and employees, Valley City State University (VCSU) declares electronic mail or "email" as an official means of communication. Each student and employee is responsible for information conveyed via an official email account assigned by VCSU, hereafter referred to as VCSU Email. Examples of information conveyed via VCSU Email include the following: policies/procedure changes, deadlines, event announcements, emergency notices, course schedule changes, and general course announcements.

VCSU Email accounts shall use the "" domain, e.g. Employees shall use the actual VCSU Email account. If a student chooses to forward email from the VCSU Email account to another account, he or she accepts full responsibility for the consequences of lost or corrupted email messages and attachments.

3.4.v - Connecting computer or network devices to the VCSU network

All computers and network devices must be registered with and approved by the VCSU Technology Services Security Officer, prior to being connected to the VCSU network. The Security Officer has discretion to immediately remove a device from the network, if necessary to maintain the integrity, security or functionality of other systems or data. VCSU does not assume any liability for damages to devices connected to the network, even in cases where connection to the network caused the damage.

3.5.5.v - Storage and backup of institutional data at VCSU

Data having value beyond the person that created it or data critical to the mission of the Institution shall be located, or backed up, on centralized servers maintained by Technology Services, unless otherwise authorized by the VCSU Chief Information Officer.

3.8.v - Authorized business use for registered students and specially designated VCSU affiliates

Registered students, Regional Technology Center Tenants, and organizations housed on the VCSU campus that pay fees to cover the cost of network services or computers are authorized to use the network services and computers for private business or compensated employment, provided such use does not impede the computer or network from performing intended, institutional purposes, and such use complies with all other polices set forth in this document, all other VCSU and SBHE policies, and all state and federal laws.

I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the above VCSU Computing Resources Contract, the NDUS "Computer and Network Usage" Procedures for SBHE 1901.2 and the above stated VCSU addendums to the NDUS Procedures for SBHE 1901.2. These Terms and Conditions reflect the entire agreement of the parties and supersede all prior oral or written agreements and understandings of the parties. Note: students under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian sign a "Responsibility Addendum". Please contact the VCSU Technology Service Desk to have this form sent via email to be signed by your parent or guardian in addition to this contract.