Using Student Preview  

Chances are you’ve experimented with Student Preview already. When exiting student preview, you’re prompted (right) whether to Delete the preview user and all data (this is the recommended default) or keep the data. 

Exit Student Preview Menu

 After exiting student preview, one way to tell if you’ve kept the preview user and all data is the Enter Student Preview button will appear green.

Enter Student Preview Button

 This button will appear green regardless if editing is turned on or off.

 IMPORTANT: The preview user is also listed in the Full Grade center (not visible to students) along with any graded information. However, the student preview user will also be listed in the course roster (Users and Groups) and is visible to students. The preview student can potentially confuse your students who may try to interact with this user.

 If you keep your preview user account and run reports or gather statistics from your course, your numbers will be skewed, particularly if multiple instructors use student preview.

 If you’ve chosen the third option, …Do Not Ask Me Again, but wish to delete student preview data, enter student preview again and click Settings:

Settings Button

Student Preview Settings Menu