The VCSU Facilities Services Department is a service-oriented department and is readily available to assist in any maintenance, service or project request. All requests are to be submitted through the online work request system. The online system allows the requestor to track the request from start to finish and submit an anonymous satisfaction survey when the work is completed.

Submitted work requests will be assigned to the appropriate “crew” (power house, maintenance, custodial, or administrative) and given a priority code. Work requests are also broken down into categories based on type of request and funding information.

Priority Codes:

  • Priority code #1: is assigned to emergency requests that could result in an immediate or imminent threat to life, or severe property damage (ex. Flooding, no power, broken window, overheating, etc.)
  • Priority code #2: is assigned to building maintenance requests that will not result in injury or have a negative impact on the department (ex. broken toilet seat, squealing from worn belt, leaky faucet, broken light sensor, etc.)  
  • Priority code #3: is assigned to minor maintenance routine requests (ex. ceiling tile replacement, hanging pictures or coat racks, ballast replacement, etc.) 

Work Request Type:

*all requests should be submitted through the Facilities Services online work order system: FAMIS Cloud

  • General Maintenance: Work that involves the upkeep of the building or grounds. 
  • Service: A work request that specifically aids the customers and is not a building or grounds upkeep request.

  • Projects: Any type of work that SIGNIFICANTLY adds to or changes the current space or function of the space. All project funding requests should be submitted through the annual department budget request, sent by the Vice President of Business Affairs. Please allow at least one week to prepare cost estimates.

Project Request Process :

  1. Submit online work order requesting project estimate. *Include as much detail as possible to ensure accurate and timely estimate. *If funding is already secured skip to STEP 5*
  2. Facilities management will return project estimate to Requestor.
  3. Requestor will submit budget request to Cabinet using the annual department budget form sent by the Vice President for Business Affairs.
  4. Cabinet will review each request and upon approval Facilities Management will set up a meeting to discuss project details and to go through the Facilities Services Project Checklist with the Requestor.
    1. At this meeting the project timeline will be discussed.
  5. Project will commence on the predetermined date.
  6. A Project Completion Checklist will be completed with Facilities Services and the Requestor.


Funding Categories: 

  • State Funded Maintenance: The state provides funding for basic operation and maintenance of the University’s Facilities Services department. (See Facilities Services-Project Guidelines: Appendix A for a detailed list of State Funded Maintenance.)
  • Department Funded Maintenance: Maintenance (repair and preventative) services are department-paid if the services exceed the routine maintenance standard, are beyond the routine level funded by the state, or outside of the University’s annual capital and project funds.   (See Facilities Services-Project Guidelines: Appendix B for a detailed list of Department Funded Maintenance Work.) 
  • Auxiliary Funded Maintenance: Maintenance (repair and preventive) services are department-paid if the department is an auxiliary operation, a self-sustaining unit, and/or if the unit recharges for its services. (See Facilities Services-Project Guidelines for a detailed list of Auxiliary Funded Maintenance Work.)
  • Special Use Systems: Special Use Systems refers to systems that support a single department or program and is not typically utilized by all occupants of a building, not common to most campus buildings, or is not considered part of the basic infrastructure
    • Department “owners” should include these special use systems in their budget request planning, so replacements or upgrades can be funded when needed.

Please contact Facilities Management Pat Horner (3-7702) or Jessica Gortmaker (3-7710) with any questions concerning these new processes and they will be happy to assist you.