The VCSU Snow Removal Procedure in in effect from October 15-April 15 each year.

Snow Removal Priorities

During light snow events, grounds personnel will concentrate on keeping all sidewalks clean (with priority going to handicap routes and main traffic areas) and intersections sanded.

During a significant snow event, grounds personnel will be directed to clean all sidewalks and parking lots (the City of Valley City is responsible for street snow removal). The priority areas for initial removal operations conducted overnight will be employee and no overnight parking lots. Snow and ice removal operations will proceed for other areas of the campus after the priority areas have been addressed. These actions/priorities are necessary to attempt to preserve access for emergency vehicles. Student parking lots will be cleared as soon as possible.

Snow Removal Priorities (during night snowfall):

  1. McCarthy lot through the alley to the front side of Kolstoe.
  2. West Student Center lot then to the North Student Center lot and Student Center alley.
  3. Music paved lot and Science paved and gravel lots.
  4. Field House east and west paved lots.
  5. Music gravel lot.
  6. Residence Hall lots (Kolstoe, Mythaler, McCoy, Lion's Court, Snoeyenbos) and University Housing (see Residence Halls).
  7. President's House driveway.

If snow continues to fall into the morning/day, the grounds crew will continue to clean the sidewalks and steps all over campus. **Depending on the amount of snow, the grounds crew will try to clear the streets and intersections of campus during the day.

Snow Removal Priorities (during day snowfall):

  1. Clear the road through the alley behind McCarthy.
  2. Make passes through the main parking lots.
  3. Continually clean sidewalks and steps throughout the day.

City Streets

The City of Valley City is responsible for the snow removal on all streets running through campus with the exception of the alley behind McFarland/McCarthy. The city will not clear snow on campus until snowfall ceases.

Snow Lots

A number of parking lots are designated as snow lots. These lots must be clear of cars seven days/week, between 1am and 6am, October 15-April 15, to allow for snow removal. Vehicles parked in snow lots at these times and dates will be ticketed and/or towed. The snow lots are:

  1. West Science Center Lot (paved)
  2. East Science Center Lot (gravel)


Residence Halls

Facilities Services will coordinate with the Housing department and advertise the time and date of snow removal when it is necessary to plow student lots completely and remove snow piles. Every effort will be made to do so during low traffic or student break times. When excessive snow exists and the decision is made to plow the lots completely and remove snow piles at other times, all cars will need to be removed from the lots or they will be towed at the owner's expense. The Housing Office will utilize email lists to notify residents in individual halls when snow removal is scheduled for their building.

It is the responsibility of VCSU students to check their VCSU emails for notices. Authorized alternate parking accommodations and instructions will be made and communicated to the campus community. In the event authorized parking is full, it is the responsibility of the permit holder to find a legal parking space.


All sidewalks/stairs are checked for ice or compacted snow daily. Any area that has an accumulation needs to be salted immediately by grounds or building services personnel.

All parking lots need to be sanded/salted from freezing rain or compacted snow. Sanding should be done prior to 7:00am, or as son as possible once snow removal is completed, and may need to be repeated throughout the day if conditions warrant it.

Building Services personnel in assigned buildings maintain doorways and adjacent sidewalk areas free of snow and ice during normal shifts and special events.