The permit holder, registered owner, or driver can be held liable for any parking expenses. If a citation can be associated to an account, citations will transfer and post to the VCSU Campus Connection account after the citation is issued.

Posted timed parking areas have been designated to facilitate accessibility to certain University buildings and offices. 

Please note: When a vehicle is parked illegally or without a permit and receives a ticket, ANOTHER ticket can be properly issued the same day.

Fines Table

Warning Tickets

Warning tickets will be issued to a vehicle to notify the driver that they are in violation of one of VCSU's parking policies. These warnings are not tickets and they do not require payment of a fee or post to an individual's account.

Unpaid Citations

If there is an abundance of unpaid parking citation on an individual's account, the following disciplinary actions may take place:

-towing or disabling of vehicle at the owner's expense

-suspension or revocation of parking privileges

-academic registration delay, or

-transcript hold

Student Holds

Any student with unpaid parking citations at the end of the current semester will receive a hold on his or her Campus Connection account. This will prevent the student from registering and obtaining transcripts until the balance is paid in full. Outstanding balances may be referred to a collection agency.

Where can I pay my fines?

Please direct all payment for parking citations to the VCSU Business Office located in McFarland Hall 215. 

If you are using your "Free Pass" card to excuse a ticket, please bring that card and the citation to the Parking Office.