Verbally Record Grading Feedback  

Sometimes it can be more effective and efficient to verbally record feedback of students’ work. To do this open the Full Grade Center and view the attempt you want to grade. Expand the panel to view Feedback to Learner.

Opening Full Content Editor Menu

In the Feedback to Learner area, select the tool “ Click to open full content editor ” shown right.

Type a message to the student in content window (shown below). Select the microphone tool in the last row of the editor. Note that you might be prompted to give the browser permission to use audio the first time you open the recording window.

Once the microphone tool has been clicked, a screen will appear prompting you to record your comments.

Click the red record button. A countdown starting from 5 will appear. You can record up to 5 minutes.

Voice Recording Icon Location

When finished, click the red button to stop recording. You can listen to the recording, delete it and start over, or choose Save and Exit.

Choose Insert Recording to complete the process.

When finished, click Submit.