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Building Information

Constructed on the front lawn by Graichen Gymnasium during the summer of 2016, the gazebo itself was built in Arthur, Ill., by an Amish construction firm. (There are about 900 Amish households in the Arthur area.) The prefabricated components, built from cedar, were then disassembled and transported to Valley City and reassembled on site.

The gazebo is 28 feet in diameter and 23 feet high, with a 9-foot ceiling. The crew completed the reassembly of the gazebo on campus in about two days. The area around the gazebo is beautifully landscaped and offers a picturesque view with the McFarland Hall clock tower in the background.

In an article written by President Tisa Mason for the President's Corner, she stated, "VCSU alumnus Allen Pedersen had a vision: an open door inviting community members and guests to enjoy the beauty of the VCSU campus, celebrate special times, and reminisce fondly of days gone by. Allan Pedersen hoped to create a space that would capture the essence of my favorite saying: “It is a great day to be a Viking!” 

That metaphorical open door, constructed as a gazebo, was built last week and sits proudly on the campus green near Graichen Gym. Along with the vision, Mr. Pedersen, a graduate of the class of 1940 and a member of the EBC fraternity, provided the lead gift. Our very own Hulda Pearce, longtime member of the community and VCSU librarian from 1963–64, bought into the vision, providing a significant gift both financially and emotionally. Hulda understood the power of community and memory-making, and she especially loved the idea of students sitting in the gazebo reading and studying."

We hope that you, too, can enjoy this beautifully crafted structure and the beauty of our VCSU campus!

Rental Guidelines

Events may be held from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. VCSU reserves the right to review event plans to ensure that they are compatible with the mission of the university. We welcome the use of our space for concerts, weddings, pictures, classes, etc.

VCSU university groups have first priority in the utilization of the Campus Gazebo and all other third-party groups having second priority.

Smoking is not permitted on any University-owned property. Food and beverages are allowed in this area.

Certain users may need to sign a Use Agreement prior to hosting any event at the venue.