Q: Who can come to the planetarium?

A: Everyone is welcome to the VCSU Planetarium! Small groups, organizations or private parties can contact VCSU Event Services to setup a date for a show. Please allow at least a one week notice.

Q: What information should I have prepared for scheduling a show?

A: A group should have their contact information, they type of group attending (ex. school grade level, church group, etc.), preferred date and time, and number of people attending. Please refer to the VCSU Planetarium Approval Form for the rest of the required information.

Q: How long are the shows?

A: The majority of the planetarium shows last between 30-45 minutes.

Q: How many different shows are there?

A: The VCSU Planetarium has a large selection of shows available. To view offered shows and descriptions please view: Planetarium Shows.

Q: How much does it cost to visit the Planetarium?

A: The VCSU Planetarium strongly encourages a free will offering to help maintain the equipment and pay for student help. The planetarium is ran almost entirely of volunteers, so donations are always welcome. For private group showings, we will charge $25.00.

Q: What is the Planetarium capacity?

A: There are 52 permanent chairs in the Planetarium. Because of the unique configuration of the planetarium, we cannot add to that capacity.

Q: How do I schedule a Planetarium show?

A: You can schedule a show by filling out the VCSU Planetarium and Medicine Wheel Form.