Here is a list of shows offered at the VCSU Planetarium!

  • "The Night Sky" is a live 30-40 minute presentation going through 33 of the major Northern Hemisphere constellations with Mythology and a little history and science thrown in. (Depends upon my availability)
  • "Target Earth: Asteroids, Comets, and Meteors" (2015) written by Scarlet Gray Bernard. This show explores the possibility of our planet being disastrously struck by a large asteroid or comet. Reporter Cassie O'Peia interviews astronomers Hunter O'Ryan and Anne Dromeda to find out about these Near-Earth Objects. 
  • "Finding Polaris II" (2012) Another student gets a personal guided tour of the spring night sky by Polaris, THE North Star himself! In this second installment, they visit the major stars of the Spring Sky: Arcturus, Spica, Rigel, Capella and Thuban. Have a laugh and learn something along the way about the Greco-Roman mythology surrounding Bootes, Virgo, Leo, Auriga and Draco with some science and history thrown in to the 30 minute adventure suitable for all ages.
  • "The Solar System" (2011) is a 30 minute tour of our solar system's 8 planets and three of the dwarf planets by none other than the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station. 
  • "The Zodiac" (2009) is a fun look at the stories of the twelve zodiacal constellations along the ecliptic plane - the path the planets, sun, and Moon appear to travel across the sky. These ancient astrological signs are directly related tot he development of astronomy as a science. This 30 minute program is suitable for all ages. 
  • "It's About Time" (2006) tells the discovery of how we calculate time and the history of human efforts to master it. About 35 minutes.
  • "Finding Polaris I" (2004) Meet Polaris - THE North Star - who acts as tour guide, turning a lost astronomy student's fact-finding mission into a strange and often humorous adventure. Polaris begins by introducing the Big and Little Bears, then, the star Betelgeuse tells the story of Orion, Markab of Perseus, and Vega of the Summer Triangle. This is a 30 minute program. 
  • "All About Stars" (2007) is a basic astronomy show answering some of the frequently asked questions about the night sky. 
  • "Guided tour of the solar calendars at Medicine Wheel park and Walk of the Planets."

To request a showing you can fill out a form on the event page: VCSU Planetarium Schedule.

*We charge $25.00 for private group showings.