There are three locations on the VCSU campus where meals and/or flex dollars can be used: the Cafeteria, the Viking I, and Viking Grounds, all of which are operated by Sodexo Food Service. 

  • The VCSU Cafeteria is open during breakfast, lunch, and dinner for students to use meal swipes. The cafeteria offers multiple options during each dining period. During lunch and dinner there is a full salad bar, dessert bar, many beverage options and ice cream available. Students enjoy the all you can eat option of dining in the cafeteria.
  • The Viking I offers grab and go options for students as well as the option to order from the grill or the fryer. Salads, subs, drinks and snacks are available here. The Viking I is open from early morning to late in the night and can accommodate students all day long. 
  • Viking Grounds serves Starbucks coffee and specialty drinks as well as pastries for a quick pick me up and breakfast on the go.