Deciding on a major is very common for college students. Don't worry! There are many opportunities available for assistance in making a sound career decision. 

Stop by and visit with Kari Klettke, Director for Career Services.  There are many assessments you can take to learn more about your skills, interests and values, and how they match up with the workforce!

McFarland 208A

Take a career exploration course to help prepare for your future!

UNIV 120. Career Exploration. 1 Credit.

This course encourages students to learn about themselves and their interests. Students will discover work fields, jobs, and college majors that interest them enough to want to learn more about them. Students will connect and network with people who work in those fields to answer questions, explain what the job is really like, and guide the student down the right path to pursue that career. Students will build their self-confidence to make plans about their major and career for the future.

What can I do with my major?