Student internships provide excellent opportunities for students to advance their skill set and gain a competitive edge when applying for full-time, post-graduate opportunities. Students can do multiple internships over many semesters, earning 3 to 12 credits per academic area. Internship work must be directly related to the student’s major/minor/career interest to qualify for academic credit.

Student Eligibility

Students must have:

  • At least a junior in academic status
  • A 2.5 GPA
  • Approval from their respective academic department

Internship Information Form

Student Expectations:

Students interested in an internship should contact Career Services to obtain an Internship Learning Agreement that will be completed with the internship-site supervisor before accruing any internship hours.

All students participating in an internship during a given semester will be enrolled in a Blackboard course. Students will submit journal assignments/reflections about their internship experiences, as well as any other assignments from a VCSU faculty supervisor.

Both the internship-site supervisor and the student will complete evaluations at the midpoint and end of the internship experience. 

Successful completion of the internship will be dependent on 1) necessary paperwork submitted, 2) weekly assignments completed, and 3) evaluations done. Internships are graded on a pass/fail basis. Students MUST complete 40 hours of work for each academic credit awarded. Students will document their work hours, and the employer will approve and sign a VCSU time log to verify hours worked.

The student agrees that this internship position is primarily an educational experience and all responsibilities of the employer will terminate completely at the end of this experience including any and all present or future employee benefits.

The student is not entitled to unemployment compensation after completion of an internship as the position is a temporary assignment which is not covered under most unemployment compensation laws.