Why host an intern?
Employers may experience the following benefits of internships:

  • Student interns can offer a fresh perspective to help generate new and innovative ideas for your business.

  • Experience with current technology.
  • Flexible, low-risk, staffing options to help with short-term projects or other work assignments.
  • Opportunities to mentor an emerging professional, and give back to the community.

What are the employer responsibilities?

  • Employ the student for one semester, interim period, summer session, or any combination agreed upon between the employer, student, and Career Services.
  • Provide for adequate supervision of the student’s work.
  • See that the student work experience has definite educational value.
  • Consult the Director for Career Services promptly about any difficulties arising on the work site.
  • Participate in evaluating the performance of the student. This evaluation may be used to determine the student’s grade.
    • Contribute to the completion of the Learning Agreement at the onset of the internship.
    • Complete the Supervisor Evaluations at the midpoint and completion of the internship.
    • Approve student time sheets to verify hours worked.

What duties should the student intern perform?

  • The student should have hands-on work with increasing levels of responsibility.
  • The work should enhance the employer’s productivity and not be solely job shadowing or observation.
  • Professional level work assignments.
  • The work tasks should relate to the student’s program of study. An employer mentor should be utilized whenever possible to provide guidance to the student intern.
  • Internships may be paid or unpaid. If the internship us unpaid, it must meet the six criteria set by the U.S. Department of Labor.

What are the student responsibilities?

  • In order to be eligible for placement under this agreement, students will:
    • Be enrolled in a curriculum leading to a degree and pursuing a major field of study related to the internship for which they are being considered.
    • Maintain at least a 2.5 GPA.
    • Be able to meet medical or security requirements of the employer.
  • A student’s internship position may be terminated for any of the following reasons:
    • Unsatisfactory work performance at work site.
    • Suspension, withdrawal, or expulsion from the University.
    • Failure to maintain academic standards.
    • Inability of the employer for administrative reasons to retain the student at the job.
  • The student agrees that this internship position is primarily an educational experience and all responsibilities of the employer will terminate completely at the end of this experience including any and all present or future employee benefits.
  • The student is not entitled to unemployment compensation after completion of an Internship as the position is a temporary assignment which is not covered under most unemployment compensation laws.