Student Affairs Learning Outcomes

VCSU’s assessment framework includes the assessment of student learning in co-curricular areas of campus life. All Student Affairs programs developed Student Affairs Learning Outcomes (SALOs), appropriate to their programmatic goals, and further developed them into an overall assessment plan for the Student Affairs department following the program assessment template. They are listed below under the appropriate department. All SALOs are aligned within the Personal and Social Responsibility ILO. Each program tracks assessment results similar to those of academic areas and reports assessment results to the assessment director through the campus assessment system each January and June and will be included in overall ILO results. The Vice President for Student Affairs reviews all annual reports for student services units.

Career Services:

  • As a result of internship participation, students will assume responsibility for setting goals, self-reflection, and modifying behaviors to prepare for their career.
  • Students will take advantage of services in preparation for post graduate plans by accessing appropriate tools.

Counseling Services:

  • Students engage in strategies that enhance personal success.
  • Student will increase recognition of danger of over-consumption that may result in Acute Alcohol Intoxication (AAI).
  • VCSU students will gain an increased awareness of diversity concerning GLBT populations.
  • VCSU Resident Assistants will demonstrate readiness to respond and offer help to any person developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis until appropriate treatment and support are received or until the crisis resolves.

Enrollment Services:

  • Viking Ambassador will facilitate a tour responding to needs that will allow a visitor to leave VCSU with a positive experience.

Financial Aid:

  • Incoming students will be able to navigate to their financial aid and account information on Campus Connection during and after a Learning to Live presentation.
  • Graduating students will increase their awareness of their rights and responsibilities of their federal loans, along with repayment options, after participating in exit counseling.

Health Services:

  • Students will demonstrate personal responsibility to follow-up on recommended action on health concern/problem after being seen at the Health Services.
  • Students will gain exposure/access to health information/services available in the community by attending the annual health fair.

Learning Center/Student Support Services:

  • Students who get a Starfish flag referral will be able to demonstrate a level of responsibility by setting up a meeting with either the Director of Student Academic Services or the Director of the Learning Center and will carry out the suggestions or requirements that are discussed in the Starfish referral meeting.
  • VCSU at risk and high-risk students will utilize learning center services to improve academic standing.

Residence Life:

  • Students will engage with peers and staff through programming in the residence halls which will enhance their academic and co-curricular experience as a student at VCSU.
  • Resident Assistants participate in RA Training will demonstrate readiness for responding to a variety of scenarios.
  • Learning to Live students will enhance their collaboration skills and expand their knowledge of civic engagement through participation in a service-learning project.

Student Activities and Leadership/Memorial Student Center:

  • VCAB members will modify action plans and be able to adapt to assure a successful event.