Safe Zone Logo

The “Safe Zone” symbol is a message to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people and their allies. 

The message is that the person displaying this symbol is understanding, supportive, and trustworthy if a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender person needs help, advice, or just someone with whom s/he can talk. 

The person displaying this symbol can also give accurate information about sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Name of Ally Position on Campus Office Contact Information
LaDonna Anderson Administrative Assistant McFarland 125
Bridget Blunck Enrollment Services Office Manager/Transfer Specialist McFarland 218
Kari Bodine Administrative Assistant Student Affairs/Career Services McFarland 209
J. Gregory Brister, PhD Assistant Professor of English McFarland 316
David DeMuth, PhD Director of Undergraduate Research, Professor Rhoades Science 104D
Jill Devries Director of Athletics Osmon Fieldhouse 115B
Anthony Dutton, PhD Assistant Professor of Social Science McFarland 323A 701-845-7107
Pat Egeberg, RN, BSN Director of Health Services Mythaler Hall, First Floor
Jodi Shorma  Assistant Professor Language & Literature McFarland 321A  
Emily Fenster Assistant Professor of Sociology McFarland 323C
Jennifer Jenness Director of Library Services   Allen Memorial Library
Irene Groth Admin Assistant/Certification Officer McFarland 326
Victoria Hammel Instructor Music Department    Foss Hall 220
Kim Hesch Assistant Director for Advancement & Alumni Relations McFarland 212
Rachelle Hunt, M.Ed, ATC, LAT Assistant Professor/Athletic Training Program Director       Graichen 017
Kari Stricklin Director of Student Center and Student Activities Student Center 105
Jody Klier Registrar McFarland 219
Erin Klingenberg, PhD, LPCC, NCC    Director of Counseling Service/Psychology Professor McFarland 424
Heather Kvilvang, PhD Assistant Professor McFarland 327
Jackie Owen Learning Center Coordinator/Disability Support Services  CAVE
Marcia Pritchert Director of Financial Aid McFarland 219
Kaleen Peterson Assistant Director of Enrollment Services
Harmony Richman Instructor  ESGS   McFarland 427C
Stephanie Roelfsema Director of Housing   McFarland 209
Patti Rickford Administrative Assistant Financial Aid  McFarland 219
Charlene Stenson Director of Enrollment Services McFarland 218D
Amber R. Ussatis Aberle Instructor, SEGS McFarland 327F
Hilde van Gijssel (Dr. Hilde) Professor of Science Rhoades Science Center 203B
Shannon VanHorn Professor, SEGS McFarland 326
Greg Vanney Director of Marketing & Communications McFarland 210
Katie Woehl, PhD Assistant Professor McFarland 323B
Jonna Ziniel, PhD
Laurel Westby
Peder Gjovik
Department Chair, Assistant Professor
Instructor- SEGS 
Technology Dept- Chair
McFarland 204
McCarthy 262
McCarthy 156