What is counseling?

Being a college student can be an exciting and rewarding time in life. But with that excitement can come stress, uncertainty, relationship problems and academic difficulties. Counseling provides an opportunity for you to meet with a trained, professional counselor who can offer objective, non-judgmental feedback about your concerns. A counselor will not try to "fix" your problems or make you do anything. Instead she can ask questions and make observations that may help you get new perspectives on your concerns, and new ideas on how to solve them.

What types of counseling are offered?

View our page on types of counseling services offered.

How do I make an appointment?

Appointments can be made by contacting the Counseling Office either by phone (845-7424), or stopping by the office in McFarland 424. 

Appointments may also be made by contacting the counselor listed below:

Erin D. Klingenberg, PhD; LPCC; NCC at erin.klingenberg@vcsu.edu

Appointments may be available by walk-in at McFarland 424~ 4th floor east end.

How do I make a referral?

Referral-a recommendation to consult. Referrals may be made by contacting the Counseling Office at 701.845-7424 or email: erin.klingenberg@vcsu.edu